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too bad about the service :( really takes away from the food.

Debbie Bello

All of the food looks so good but that sundae look absolutely sinful! I love bananas and chocolate.


oh wow, that pancake fiasco is completely unacceptable. i only like bananas some of the time, and if i weren't expecting a banana flavor i would have probably been revolted. but even worse is the service! i would call and complain to management!!


Sorry, but none of that looks American. The service sounded French though.

clea walford

Shame that the service is so bad at Lauderdale, but the brownie sundae is too irresistible...


wow, that's such a shame about the service! Good food is important, but to really enjoy a meal the service has to meet a minimum level where the staff arn't rude!
If you haven't tried the buffet brunch at French Kitchen in Roppongi's Grand Hyatt I certianly recommed that. Its a bit expensive (6000 or 7000yen I think), but the food and the service are top notch. Best french bread you will ever eat!


Good thing you didn't have to leave a tip! One of the benefits of dining in Japan. I've often found that restaurants in Japan billing themselves as "American" don't/can't quite pull it off -- something gets lost in translation, both in the preparation and presentation. Frankly, when in Rome, I'd rather eat what the Romans eat!

Lauren Dunn

The way it sounded you could have done what most people do and ask to speak to a manager, most of the time it works. I'm actually surprised you didn't. At least your souffle was tasty. Can't wait for the next good read!


Thanks for the comments.

Illahee, I found the shoving of the plate in a stranger's face more revolting than the bananas. Definitely a fiasco, but I think the time to call and complain has passed.

JoeinVegas, very funny. To be fair there was some classic American brunch stuff on the menu, and the pancakes (should have taken a picture!) were really good.

Yamaonna, the French Kitchen brunch sounds nice. But ouch, that's a lot of money! I do like a very fancy brunch once in a while, but sometimes I want just a nice, casual brunch like you can have in every other civilized country. Why is there no place to do this in Tokyo?

Mari, believe it or not we actually found ourselves wishing that there WAS tipping in Japan, so we could have the satisfaction of not leaving one. I agree about "American" restaurants in Japan, but the crazy thing is that this place was full of foreigners, most of whom looked and sounded American. And they all seemed to be loving it.

Lauren, that sounds totally reasonable and I would have done so back in Canada. But for some reason Japanese people, at least regular Japanese people, don't complain. The others in my party would probably rather have died than speak to a manager, and I've become so used to that way of thinking that the thought didn't even cross my mind. Now I regret not saying something.


Dont put up with this for a souffle! You can get an amazing souffle at Artemis - a french restaurant in Jingumae. The chef makes amazing passion fruit souffle for desert.


Pala, thank you! Artemis is now on my list of places to try.

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